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Transporting the past to the present...

TimePortal Audio Cables


TimePortal Reference Cables can give your system a massive performance transformation which components alone simply cannot provide.

TimePortal Reference XLR, RCA, Digital Interconnects, Loudspeaker Cables and Power Cords are 100% guaranteed to greatly improve your audio playback. DACs/Transports, Disc players, A/V Controllers, Preamplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Receivers, Power Conditioners, all exhibit unusually improved performance. Bass becomes deeper, faster, more powerful, filling the room with greater authority.

Highs will become more precise, clear, crystalline & shimmering. The midrange becomes more life sized full bodied yet precise, lush & liquid, musical & lifelike, yet very easy on the ears.

TimePortal Reference HDMI & Power Cords are gauranteed to greatly improve your video playback. HDTV's, Projectors, Video scalers and Image Processors all exhibit greatly improved performance.

TimePortal's unique RFI & EMI RIDDANCE TECHNOLOGY will improve all aspects of both audio & video performance, for a much more lifelike experience in your system.