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TimePortal Audio Reviews

Unsolicited Customer Testimonials- Every client has paid TimePortal Audio Cables in full.

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TimePortal RCA and Powercord

The last couple of years I have been a silver cable guy - not until a friend directed my attention to the TimePortal Reference RCA's with a mix of silver & copper 99.999% wire with extensive shielding - and a 100% Buy Back Guarantee - not much to worry about. When I received the cables about a week later, boy - did the TimePortals deliver. First of all the absence of "bacground-noise/digitals" is striking and unusual. Natural timbre seems to flow effortless - one is really just enjoying the music - not even looking for flaws - there simply aren't any. All the "State of the Art" parametres are there in spades - details that merge into a musical wholeness, 3D, transparency, dynamics, black background, strong low end etc.

I've owned many RCA analog interconnects up to around $5,000 usd - the TimePortal's best everything I've tried by large margin - and at this price the TimePortals are truly a bargain - a real no brainer.

The TimePortal Reference Power cables were also a positive surprise - they will settle down your HiFi setup - yet increase information retrieval and increase musicality from your signal source. They cleanup the artificial's and without getting clinical - the live feeling moved 2 levels up. The best powercables I have ever heard in my 30 years in HIFI. The "babies" really make a difference that everybody can hear/notice - unless one is totally deaf.

Martin I. Denmark

TimePortal Reference Power Cord and Analog RCA Interconnect

Thanks for sending the power lead and interconnects to demo. I have to confess I wasn't looking to trial new interconnects or a power cord, or find any sort of excuse to spend more money, however, once I got them in the system and started swapping-out a few times, my views changed. The oppo 95 Signature Edition has had lots of use now and is sounding very good. Strong bass. The TimePortal interconnects seemed to emphasize that, but the quality of bass was significantly improved. I thought I was already using good high end ICs, but they turned out to be rather grey sounding in comparison. The TimePortal Reference interconnects were a real step forward. There was significantly more drive and energy, and all the low-level things were opened up as well.

The TimePortal Reference power lead was a surprise - I heard distinct improvements from removing hash and unwanted hi-fi rubbish. I wasn't really expecting this from a power lead, but after several comparisions I really didn't want to go back to what I'd been using. After this I got more enthusiastic about hi-fi again, and started playing everthing I could think of. It would be fair to say that I heard something new with everything I played. I've not been able to dray myself away from the CD collection since, and I've been spreading the word with as many friends as possible, and another is coming round on Sunday.

I hadn't read anything about the TimePortals, so I had no preconception or prejudice. My indifference to cable upgrades had been turned around.

Nick Peacock, UK

The Usual Suspects

Like many users of high-end audio equipment, I have the usual collection of power cords, each with own unique appearance and flavor. The flood of designer power cords that have hit the market in the last decade reflects listeners' concerns for interference and coloration in the audio signal. Some of the power cords are like snakes, while others are like garden hoses - and then there are the bizarre woven kind the look like expensive automotive brake hose. The one thing they have in common is that they sound different but to my ear do not markedly improve the sound much more than a stock power cord. Enter the TimePortal all silver 9ga triple shielded power cord with pure 24k rhodium AC and IEC fittings: this is truly a breakthrough product that actually cleans up the sound the minute it is installed.

Since I was planning to use the cords with digital front end, I had to wait a few hundred hours until the upgraded units burned in; I then woudl be able to evaluate the improvement made by the power cord themselves.

With extra time on my hands, I burned in & A-B'd the TimePortal cords with all kinds of equipment, I consistently and immediately perceived improvements in focus, image depth, with a very black background, improved resolution, less grunge and haze.

When I finally connected the two TimePortal power cords into my upgraded EMM Labs CDSD-SE and DAC6e-SE, I achieved spectacular results.

As good as TimePortal power cords have been in my experience with all typles of high end audio equipment, I find that digital electronics benefited the most. Aftermarket power cords can be very expensive, and in that market the TimePortal Reference power cords are on the side of economical. However, TimePortal's Reference power cord is a bargain at any price, because I cannot imagine running my digital front end now with any other brand of power cord. Even sky-high priced cords I own and have demo'd.

UCLA Professor of Music and Composition, Paul Reale (Retired)